My American Dream

Bryan Trutna

What's an American Dream?

An American Dream is the ideal that all U.S. citizens have the equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work. This doesn't necessarily include money but a life goal that may lead to achieving prosperity with money or some other kind of object that a person may be longing for.


People gain a sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving their American Dream. This is their sense telling them that they have what they want from the work the put in.


A person has a gain, not necessarily in money, but in some personal achievement that for the most part leads to that person's Satisfaction.


When a person accomplishes their dream they gain the feeling of satisfaction. All real American Dreams give people the sense of satisfaction for a long period of time, otherwise they don't really have the satisfaction they need and it isn't a real American Dream

My Dream: Living a carefree life of Discovery

This dream would take an entire life to achieve and one mistake could cause it to be incomplete or partially done. But it can be said that almost anyone who lives a life of fun would gain a sense of satisfaction when the fun is over. For me living a life I enjoy would leave me ending my life happy with the way I lived it. Lastly the only thing I need to gain for true happiness is the "freedom to live free" or have the ability to live the life I want.

My Smybol

A bird flying "unbound" from all worries but finding food to eat. He flies in an open sky where there is nothing to hit him and block his path of flight ending his airborne life.
Avicii - The Nights