Wind Energy

The Impacts of Turbines

Environmental Impact

Wind Energy is one of the best energies in this planet. One way two collect this is by using turbines. Turbines are great with there design and easy to use with there space but there are some flaws a turbine can have and this brochure can help with explaining the good and the bad

Zero Greenhouse Gas

Carbon dioxide is released from the turbine when in the process of making the turbine but the turbine itself does not carbon dioxide when making electricity which makes some farms have smaller carbon footprints. Its very effcient with a city that already has gas problems and turbines would not anymore to make it worse.

Free Fuel

Building the turbines may cost money but it all pays off in the end with little to no money being costed. Wind is free and it will remain free and will always be one of the best renewable resource. In the United States, wind energy cost 4 to 6 cents kilowatt or hour.


Turbines come in different sizes and can be adjusted the way you wanted it to fit the enivironment. The biggest turbines can be used to power more than 1,400 homes or you can make smaller turbines which can power 1 house at a time

The Noise and Look

Wind turbines may be really efficient but they are really loud. Even from 2,400 feet, you could here it and it shakes houses and really annoy people. Some of the aesthetic looks of it may ruin the look of a skyline or neighborhood. Say you have a really colour neighborhood and then you decide to put a turbine in the middle of it. It would really irritate peoples ears and make the neighborhood really dull with a turbine there.

Economic Impacts

Wind energy is free and the cost of making it is also payed back with electricity and maybe even you can sale the electricity but some people are charged for the amount of electricity they use from the wind for each hour. There is also maintenance but that doesn't cost a lot.

The End

This is the end of this brochure on what wind energy, specifically turbines, can do do for you and this is a great way to get electricity with the wind being free and all. There are some flaws like irritating sounds but overall it's all good.