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Special Workshop with the Director of the ICRT

Since December I have been going more in depth with my Reiki studies with the LRMT program from the ICRT, I am at the end of one out of three completions. This end review is quiet special, my mentor Carolyn Musial will be co teaching with me for my Reiki I & II graduation. Come join us and sign up for May 19th & 20th Usui Holy Fire II, Reiki I & II workshop, begin your professional status with a great organization that holds excellence in their teaching.

With Love, Kathy

ICRT; International Center Reiki Training

LRMT; lIcensed Reiki Master teacher, under the school of Reiki training I teach from.

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Clinic Hours

Clinic Days (appointment only)
Wednesday : 12PM-630PM Friday 830AM-noon Saturday: selective hours
Gift Shop Gift shop is open 30 minutes prior to all events. Saturday the shop/clinic hours are subjected to events

May 6th

Reiki Master Circle 10-noon; Holy Fire Masters only

Reiki Share noon-330pm

May 13th 10-230

Chakra Concepts; our throat center; Voice

May 19th & 20th 2018

Usui / Holy Fire II- Reiki I & II Workshop, 9am-6pm each day, meal, & supplies included
With two instructors, Carolyn Musial & Kathy Milanowski.
Cost, $410.00
CES offered for Nurses, Social Workers, Marriage & Family Counselors and Massage Therapists. An additional charge of $50 for anyone who wants CEs.More details on the event page

May 26th 1pm-3pm ( note this is a Saturday event)

Celebrating The Feminine, females of all ages

June 1st 645-8pm

Crystal Grid Workshop; theme Beach

June 3rd 8-1130AM Aztalan Park Connection (all carriage house Reiki practitioners)

Reiki Share noon-33pm

June 9th 10-2pm

Kids Reiki

Usui Holy Fire II, Reiki I course for children ages 0-13

June 10 10-230PM

Chakra Concepts; our 3rd eye: intuition

July 1st Master Circle 10-noon

Reiki share noon-330pm

July 10-230PM

Chakra Concepts; Our crown

September 7th 645-8pm

Create your own Grid:

September 16th 1-3pm

Celebrating the Feminine

September 28-29-30

Usui Holy Fire II, Art/Masters

3 consecutive days, 9AM-6PM

Kids Reiki Workshop: Ages .. up to the parent 1

Reiki I: Ages are depends on the child, typically 4-13 Summer 2018
Reiki II; prerequisites: Reiki I with Kathy Summer 2018
Lunch, snacks, & Materials provided
Price: $50.00 non-refundable per child $20.00 per parent/guardian ( if guardian wishes to join the ceremony & be connected with the Reiki energy)
entire family price: $100.00

Discovering tools for your healing journey

Chakra Concepts

Workshop,2018 January-July 2018 Your 7 major energy centers

Education and tools for harmony and balance Create your own Chakra prayer flag

7 workshops, 2nd Sunday of the Month 10-230pm

Awaken & deepen your energetic knowledge Ask for details about Registration

Develop your own Crystal Grid

Friday June 1st 645 pm
June 1st, 2018
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Kathy Milanowski

Our mission is to empower you with tools to help you along your spiritual journey. Our sacred space is designed to give you the opportunity to refresh, regenerate, and heal yourself. Our door is always open for individuals to discover and share these ideals as they connect with each other.