Marsit's Minute

January 18th, 2015

Week 3

I hope each of you enjoyed your Monday off for Civil Rights Day. This should be a great four day week, with time to focus on students and your classroom. Sports teams continued to excel last week with our Boys Soccer team advancing to 5th in the state and our Boys Basketball at 15th in the state! We also inducted 24 sophomores into NHS last week as well, what a great group of students!

Admin team will be looking over each of your threads from module 1 from last weeks PD. We have 50 threads posted on digital citizenship, if you have not done so post a thread as soon as possible. Module 2 has several narrated PowerPoint presentations from the state that are lengthy, please do not get stuck on this portion of module 2. The point is to create your CFA, keeping in mind to address the rigor necessary on the PLD's. Please let your department chair or your administrator know if you are experiencing any issues with Blackboard.

Have a great week and continue collaborating and progressing this week with your PLC team.


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According to Dr. Bill Daggett, "Relevance makes rigor possible." As we look to increase the rigor level in our school and classrooms, we must pay attention to relevance as well. Students must understand why what you are teaching matters to them. As you know teenagers are very wrapped up in themselves, making it even more important to connect what we do in the classrooms to them somehow. In order to accomplish this we frequently think in terms of finding out students interests and then adding this into the lesson. This is a great way of building relevancy, but is it the only way?

We can open students up to new things, and create some new interest or relevancy. Consider how passionate you are about your subject, excitement is contagious. Share this excitement about your subject or content, you just may help a student see a new side of reading, math, science, or social studies. It is also possible that we have forgotten what we found so engaging in our content, reconnect yourself with why you saw relevancy in your subject and try and share that with students!

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Campus Life

Biggest Loser Competition

This was our second weigh in and we continue to lose, all together we have lost 52 lbs. since January 4th. I received an up date on Friday and not all competitors had weighed in. However the leader at that point was Mr. Ben Geiger at 4.16%! The struggle is real! Come on Copper lets get fit in 2016! Who will be the ultimate LOSER?


Thank you for all sitting in the stands with students. It makes a big difference just having you in the stands. Your presence just encourages the right behavior and eliminates unwanted issues. STUGO did a great job putting together the assembly it was a lot of fun and I hope one of our teams makes a trip to state so we can do another one soon!


This has gotten significantly better. I collected data one day this week and saw 7 hats before school and at lunches. This is improved from 12 two weeks ago. Continue to remind students that hats are not allowed on campus. Thank you for your attention to this expectation.


We are doing much better in this area and more students are staying in classes! I am hearing more and more of you telling students right now isn't a good time, or just no, thank you for teaching students to honor your class time. I would also like to remind you that seniors are working on their senior papers and may try and get out of your class to work on their paper. Do not allow students to miss your class time to work on their paper.

Weekly Calendar

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