The Bracelet Movement

You hear about Human Trafficking in "far away lands" but...

Did you know that there are more than 27 million enslaved human beings worldwide today?

Humans being forced into poor conditions against their will.

And these Slaves aren't just in far away continents. There are humans, being exploited right here in the DC Metropolitan Area.

The Bracelet Movement.


In our school we have been learning about the widespread topic of "Human Exploitation." We have focused on the topic of Human Trafficking and the DC Organization "FAIR Girls" came into our class and taught us more about what is going on right in our backyard. We were inspired to take action.

Our Idea:

We wanted to help. Friendship bracelets are intended to make people come together. That is what we want to do. The Bracelet Movement is made for everyone to walk "hand-in-hand" showing our support to end the fight against Modern-Day Slavery.

What can I do to help?:

Spread the word and just be aware of what is going on around you. Buy a bracelet or make a donation. All of the money will be donated to the FAIR girls organization.

Hand-in-hand we stand to end Slavery throughout the land!