7th Grade Science

Hamilton Middle School

Week at a Glance:

Monday 4/11- HSU Review

If your child opted out of any lessons, they can not attend class this day

Tuesday 4/12- HSU Unit Test

Wednesday 4/13- Most missed questions, Review Photosynthesis

Thursday 4/14- Photosynthesis flip book & puzzles

Friday 4/15- Review Organic & Inorganic elements & compounds


4/11- Study for HSU test

4/12- Bring ISN back to class

4/13- TBD

4/14- Finish any work from class

4/15- Finish any work from class

Important Dates;

4/8: End of 6 weeks

4/12: HSU Unit Test

5/2:Progress Report Grades Due

5/9: Math STAAR

5/10: Reading STAAR

WIsh List Items:

Can Tabs

Pantry & Toiletry items & Gift Cards for the Ronald McDonald House Fundraiser

Glue Sticks