Garrett's and Colson's Flowers

Garrett Longhofer and Colson Altman

Company Logo

This Garrett's and Colson's Flowers's company logo.

These are just some of our options.

What do we do?

Garrett's and Colson's Flowers does anything from selling small amounts of flowers who like to do things themselves to making full arrangements for people and events.


  1. The company was founded by Garrett Longhofer and Colson Altman in 2016.
  2. They started the company because the city needed another floral shop.
  3. The shop was started when they had the idea to open a store in the town of Brenham.


This is a small business so we have a total of 7 friendly, hard-working employees.


We offer the sale of small bunches of flowers for personal use.

We also make arrangements for people who request them.

Job Titles

  1. receptionist
  2. manager
  3. shipping
  4. florist
  5. cashier

Hiring Preferences

There will be an application process and an interview for anyone that seeks a job here.