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"Celebrating Superheroes!"

January 18 - 22

The Shady Brook Vision and Mission Statements

Knowledge Informs and Determines Success for Students

The mission of Shady Brook Elementary is to educate all students for success today and tomorrow.

Thank you for being bridges!

“Ideal teachers are those who use themselves as bridges over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own.” - Nikos Kazantzakis

Important SBE Events to Remember:

  • 1/18 District PD day
  • 1/19 Parent Survey Window Opens
  • 1/21 Suzuki Strings Field Trip
  • 1/21 Corral Café - 4th Grade
  • 1/21 PTA/Writing Family Night
  • 1/22 Popcorn/Coke and Hat Day
  • 1/22 Report Cards go Home
  • 1/26 Fifth Grade Field Trip to Amon Carter Museum
  • 1/26 Kindergarten Parent Mtg.
  • 1/27 PTA Staff Appreciation Luncheon
  • 1/28 Staff Birthday Lunch Celebration
  • 1/28 Officer Lindsey Bullying Presentation to 6th Grade
  • 1/28 1st and 2nd Grade Parent Night
  • 1/29 Marylou out for CTA Exchange Day
  • 1/29 Spring Picture Day/Group Pictures/TOY Picture
  • 2/1 - 2/5 Counselor Appreciation Week
  • 2/2 100th Day of School Celebrate (Dress as a 100 year old or as a person that lived 100 years ago.)
  • 2/9 SBE Talent Show
  • 2/11 Kindergarten Off-Campus Lunch
  • 2/12 Classroom Valentine's Parties

Upcoming Meetings:

  • 1/18 Denise & Stephanie to off-campus Mtg.
  • 1/18 Shannon to Principal's Mtg. - PM
  • 1/19 Shannon to Onboarding Mtg.
  • 1/21 Goal Team Mtg.
  • 1/26 3rd Six Weeks Blockout Mtgs. (3rd - 6th)
  • 1/26 Melissa to IS Meeting
  • 1/27 Shannon to Instructional Principals Mtg.
  • 1/28 3rd Six Weeks Blockout Mtgs. (3rd - 6th)
  • 1/28 Staff Mtg.
  • 2/3 Marylou to CTA Mtg.
  • 2/3 Clarence to AP Mtg.
  • 2/4 - 2/5 Shannon to Principal's Academy
  • 2/4 Goal Team Mtg.
  • 2/9 Ande to Nurse's Mtg.
  • 2/10 3rd Six Weeks Blockout Mtgs. (K - 2)
  • 2/11 Campus Visit by Mary Stokic
  • 2/11 Shannon to Mtg. at Ad. Bldg.
  • 2/11 3rd Six Weeks Blockout Mtgs. (K - 2)
  • 2/11 Team Leader Mtg.

Testing at a Glance:

  • 1/19 - 2/8 Reading 3D Testing Window
  • 1/20 Math CBA 3 Grades 3, 4 & 6
  • 1/20 Reading CBA 2 Data Talk; Grade 3
  • 1/20 Reading CBA 2 Data Talk: Grade 6
  • 1/20 Math CBA 2 Data Talk: Grade 2
  • 1/21 Science CBA 3 Data Talk: Grade 5
  • 1/21 Science CBA 2 Data Talk: Grade 4
  • 1/25 Social Studies CBA 1Data Talk: Grade 6
  • 2/1 Math CBA 3 Data Talk: Grade 3
  • 2/1 Math CBA 3 Data Talk: Grade 4
  • 2/1 Math CBA 3 Data Talk: Grade 6
  • 2/2 Writing CBA 1 Grade 3
  • 2/9 Math DBA 1 Grade 5
  • 2/10 Writing DBA 2 Grade 4

Kudos to. . .

  • Stephanie and Denise for their work in getting all of our new students enrolled and/or set up for an overflow campus! Your great works are appreciated!
  • Traci Childs for the amount of time that she spends preparing for ARDS, testing students, etc. We are so glad that you are on our team!
  • Our first Collaboration group that met today (1/14)! Thank you for a great time of sharing ideas and reinforcing each other's work! We need to do that more often! (submitted by Anonymous)
  • Ms. Hassell and Ms. Cochran because two times this week I went to the Library to ask a question and left with resources that I could use with my students. (submitted by Anonymous)
  • Mrs. Lane because of her students' amazing growth and dedication! (submitted by Anonymous)
  • Mrs. Boone for setting up the gym and cafeteria every morning without complaining. (submitted by Anonymous)
  • Mrs. Chappell for all of the works that she puts into our lesson plans. (submitted by Anonymous)
  • Mrs. Shelby because she often steps up to help with morning duty even when it's not her turn. (submitted by Anonymous)
  • Ms. Smith for being a supportive and dependable teammate. (submitted by Anonymous)


Happy Birthday to. . .

1/26 Jyoti Patel

2/1 Carol Gray

2/2 Mary Margaret Haraden

2/20 Traci Childs

2/20 Lisa Norrod

2/24 Andrea Richey

2/25 Lori Lane

Upcoming DUE DATES


  • 1/19 Lesson Plans due in the Shared Folder before the start of the school day.
  • 1/22 Report Cards go home (College shirt day!)
  • 2/8 Progress Reports go home with students.

Team Leaders

  • Team Minutes are due to the assigned administrator each week. :)

News you need to know!

Open Door - This time of year there are a lot of people that will say to me, "I wanted to share something with you, but I know you are so busy and I didn't want to bother you." Please remember, that I am available for you. There may be times when I have to catch up with you, but please don't ever hesitate to let me know if you need anything. We're here to help!

Email - Reminder: If a parent sends an email with any identifying information about the student, please start a new email to respond (i.e. states the child's full name, shows the full name and identifying information of the parent, etc.). This allows for us to better follow our email privacy policies. Please don't hesitate to come visit with me if you have any questions at all.

Students in the Office Area - If a student needs to come to the Front Office, Workroom or to see Mrs. Evans, please remind them to use the Front Office door. Students should not be entering through the office hallway door because an adult is not always available to help them as needed. By entering through the Front Office, we avoid having students wandering around. Thanks for your help with this!