Friday Email!

From your {wonderful} AC!

Dearest kind, lovely GLR Fam,

I hope you all and a wonderful rest of your week! It's been busy in my office with lots of student traffic, but I love it because that's what it's all about. After meeting with you all, it sounds like this has been a difficult week for most of you. Please be kind to yourself and one another while you relax during Homecoming!



New Things

All Hall Program

Be thinking of what we want to do for our All Hall program. This is an event that we plan each term for the entire building. It is planned by all of the RA's working together, so please bring ideas to our staff meeting on 10/25 for us to brainstorm.

GLR Fam Thanksgiving?

A while ago we talked about doing a Thanksgiving meal. Please decide if this is something you would like to do and come prepared to talk about it on 10/25. Because potatoes.

Reminders and Whatnot

Duty Log

Please make sure you are very detailed in your duty log. Indicate if you give warnings or have anything specific happen. I am the only person who sees your duty log and please utilize that as an account of everything that happened.

Break Closing

Be thinking of which break you'd like to volunteer to work. We need a minimum of 3 people to work each of the breaks that we close. These breaks include Christmas Break, Winter Break, and Tour Week.

Also, please let me know your plans for May Term as soon as you can.