Kinder News

Roanoke Elementary - January 15, 2016

No School on Monday

Monday - January 18th - No School - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Bus Stop Changes Beginning January 19

A letter was mailed on Monday, January 11 to inform families of bus stop changes that will begin on Tuesday, January 19th.

Recess - Baby, It's Cold Outside, But We Need to Run!!

We will go out for recess as many cold winter days as we possibly can. The district guidelines state that the air temperature and/or the wind chill temperature must be 35 degrees or greater to have outside recess.

Please be sure your child has an appropriate jacket and is wearing appropriate shoes for the weather.

Have You Signed Up for Remind Notifications?

Please be sure to sign up for your teacher's Remind account. This is an easy way for your child's teacher to alert you to important news such as school closings or delayed school start in case of bad weather.

Email your teacher if you missed the email/handout that was sent previously.


If your child is absent, a note must be sent to school stating the reason for the absence. In addition, we ask that you contact your child's teacher and our attendance clerk, Mrs. Esperanza Wright via phone or email on the day of the absence at 817-215-0650,

For the health of students and staff, ill students must be fever and vomit free for 24 hours before returning to school.

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 18th - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School

Tuesday, January 19th - Crazy Tuesday Schedule - Lunch at 11:20

Wednesday, January 20th - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Aleman, Allen, DiBenedetto, McLarty

Thursday, January 21st - LIBRARY CHECK OUT - Lawson

Thursday, January 21st - Report Card Day - Please sign and return your child's Report Card as soon as you can. Remember to make a copy as your original will not be returned.

What Did We Learn At School This Week?

Skills Block

Phonetic Skill: short e

Phonograms: -et

Here's what we learned about letters and words . . .
  • Some words have patterns (parts) that are the same.
  • You can look at the pattern (part) you know to help you read a word.
  • You can use the pattern (part) you know to help you write a word.

New Sight Words: that

Poem: "Short e Song"
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Want to Help Your Child With Letter Sounds?

Check in your child's Purple Take Home Folder. There is a 2 sided chart inside. One side is an Alphabet Linking Chart. The other side is a Consonant Cluster Chart. Listen to the audio files below to help your child practice saying the letter names, picture names, and sounds.

Suggestion - don't always practice from A-Z - mix it up - go out of order. :)
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Sight Word Practice Flashcards

Readers Workshop

This week:

  • We continued our Author study on Eric Carle by "Writing Like the Author" and creating an innovation on the book, Little Cloud. An innovation is when you have a new idea based on someone else's idea.
  • We learned to identify the main character, setting, problem and solution in several Eric Carle books.
  • We read The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle and thought of questions that we would like to ask the spider.

Want to enjoy some Eric Carle stories or learn more about him at home? Check out the links below!

Writers Workshop

This week's writing focus was to identify habits that help us become better writers. One of the most important things a writer can do is to reread what he or she has written. Then, there are 3 questions you can ask yourself:
  1. Does my writing make sense?
  2. Does my writing look right? (spaces, capital letters, neat, etc.)
  3. Does my writing sound right? (Did I leave any words out? Did I write the correct word?)

Social Studies

This week we started to talk about our heroes. Our Nation have had many heroes and this week we learned about George Washington. We learned that he is one of the American heroes. He was the first President of the United State, in other words, one of the founding fathers of our Nation. He was also the Commander-in-Chief of the Army during the American Revolutionary War. It is good to know about our heroes!


Module 6

This week we continued working in Module 6. Students learned to write two addends and then the total to make an addition sentence. They learned to read the operation word 'add' and wrote sentences such as 3 add 4 is 7 or 3 add 4 makes 7. Students practiced these new skills by playing math addition games. We also practiced addition using pennies to help us understand the idea that addition involves adding to a quantity.

Please refer to the Module 6 Parent Letter for ideas on how to strengthen and support these math skills at home.

Module 6 Parent Letter - English
Module 6 Parent Letter - Spanish

Please send a baggie of 25 pennies for your student to use during math next week.


This week we collaborated with our groups to discuss what kinds of motions were present in our machines. We watched videos of our machines and reflected on what worked well and what did not. We recorded the different types of motion that were observed and drew a final picture of what our machines looked like.

On our own, we reflected on and wrote about which Learner Action we used during this project and described how it helped us to be successful. We also reflected on how we could make our machines better.

You will be able to see all of our hard work on our upcoming Standards Boards in the Kindergarten hallways!

A Few More Kinder Announcements

Lunch Guests - Please let your child's teacher know when you, your spouse, and especially when an extended family member is coming to eat lunch with your child.

Extra Clothes -
Please send an extra change of clothes and underwear in your child's backpack - just in case of illness or an accident. Thank you!

Jackets - Please be sure to label your child's jackets and sweatshirts with his or her name so that misplaced items can be identified and hopefully returned quickly.

Roanoke Ranger Community Outreach Service Project

"Little Deeds making a Big Difference"
November 2015 - January 2016

Details were sent home in your child's Friday Folder Packet before the Thanksgiving Break. Be sure to fill out a cloud and a raindrop form when your family donates a bear for our donation to Denton County Advocacy Center.

Click here for an additional form
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Six Flags Reading Log

Want your child to earn a free ticket to Six Flags for this summer? Just log your child's reading on the attached reading log and return it by Monday February 22nd. Click below for all the information and the log.

Six Flags Reading Log and Information - English
Six Flags Reading Log and Information - Spanish

A copy of this was sent home in the Friday Folder packet on Friday, November 20th.

Labels For Education

Please cut out and send in these labels. Weekly classroom winners are announced each Friday morning during Round Up! Funds earned support Roanoke Elementary.

Roanoke Elementary School University - Parent Information Night

Please follow the link below to access helpful information from our presentations at RES-University on Tuesday, September 8th.

RES-U Presentations

Please let your teacher know if you have any questions!