Fifth Grade Blazers

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Important Dates:

Friday, December 14: 2 Hour Early Dismissal

Monday, December 24, 2018 - Tuesday, January 1, 2019: School Closed - Winter Break

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 - School reopens


Fifth grade mathematicians have been learning how to apply their mathematical thinking and place value strategies to solve real world situations. Recently, they had to plan a Thanksgiving meal for their family. This included looking at various ads from grocery stores to get the best deals on food prices, as well as to carefully compare the amount of the food item to the price. They were given $100.00 to spend and quickly learned the value of a budget.

They utilized their knowledge of multiplication and division of whole numbers using place value to solve and explain their thinking. Overall, they were able to plan a very nutritional meal and have a bit of money leftover to purchase dessert.

They have also been working on interpreting mathematical expressions and equations and the ability to explain the need for parentheses, brackets and braces in expressions and equations.

As we move forward, we will be recognizing volume as an attribute of solid figures and understand that a cubic unit is used to measure volume. We will solve real world problems by applying the formula for volume and relating it to the properties of addition and multiplication.


We have wrapped up our short novel unit and have enjoyed reading the narrative stories. Each student completed a “project” to show their understanding of their text. These projects included the creation of posters, developing interview questions to ask another character about how they felt in the story, illustrating and painting a portrait of a character, and writing a letter to the author describing their opinion of the book. These are just a few of the “projects” that were completed. Ask your child about the text they read.

In addition,our readers have learned how authors use different text structures in informational text to organize their thoughts and ideas. Authors use signal words and clues to help us determine the overall text structure and we have been identifying them to help us understand why an author would organize his writing in a certain way.


During quarter two, fifth graders will become experts on a topic in order to compose an informational writing piece. They will choose a topic of interest, ask questions about that topic, and use those questions to drive their research. They will be learning of the

importance of text features, topic sentences, how to organize their information, and revising their written work to produce an informational essay. Ask your child about all they have learned on their topic!

Science and Social Studies

In Social Studies, we will continue exploring America’s Beginnings. During the unit, we will learn about the following enduring understandings:

  • Geography influences the movement and interaction of different cultural groups.

  • The natural resources of a region affect the types of food, clothing, shelter, transportation, and tools that people create.

  • Advances in technology helped make exploration possible.

  • European countries had many reasons to send explorers to new lands.

  • Explorers changed Europeans views of the world.

  • The Age of Exploration had positive and negative effects on Europeans and on native peoples.

  • Exploration has had a profound effect on world history.

Our new Science unit will begin in December. More details to come.

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