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May 8, 2020

8th grade and parent Questionnaire

8th graders and Parents

We need your input. Each year the School Counseling Department has the 8th graders and their parents complete a questionnaire. We know our school year was cut short but we would still like to receive feedback on the things we are doing well and things you feel we could improve upon. We look forward to hearing from you. Please click on the appropriate link for students and parents. This is also located in the 8th grade Smore. You will only need to complete this one time. We ask that you respond by May 8th.

8th grade student questionnaire

8th grade parent questionnaire

Resources for Families in Callaway County

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Student Check-Ins

Students: Just because we aren't together at FMS doesn't mean we aren't still here for you when you need us. This is a scary and difficult time, and we want to know how you are doing. You can fill out the form that Mrs. Houf has sent out or the one Mrs. Burfield and Mrs. Horstmeier have sent out with our resources that is also linked here as well, FMS Student Check In.

FMS Counseling Department: Mrs. Burfield, Mrs. Horstmeier and Ms. Jo

Needing to see the school counselor?

Students needing to access the counselor's office can submit a form from their chrome books by clicking on the apps button. This form comes only to the counselor's. 6th graders will learn how to use this app on Tuesday, August 27th when counselors meet with them through their ELA classrooms. You can also ask your teacher for help. If you can't locate the form you can also shoot your school counselor an email. Obviously if there is an emergency, students will be sent to the Counselors Office immediately. This is just a great way to help students stay in the classroom for instruction time .

Here are a few ways you can reach out to us in the FMS Counseling Office:

Mrs. Horstmeier works with students with a last name starting with an A-J and can be reached at and Mrs. Burfield works with students with a last name starting with a K-Z and can be reached at

Ms. Jo is the Counseling Office secretary and can be reached at

Counseling Office phone number is 573-590-8208

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Mr. Yates

Feel free to contact me any time!


Follow me on Twitter: @MrYatesFMS

The goal of computer class is to equip students with meaningful skills that will help them thrive in a digital age. These skills include:

- Coding

- Google proficiency

- Digital citizenship

- Media production

Computer class is very project based using online and offline technology tools, as well as engaging topics like 3D printing, Augmented and Virtual reality, and many other avenues for creativity.

Digital footprint

Continue to be an upstander and make good choices online. Keep up your positive digital footprint! For more resources visit

Computer class at home

During this time of quarantine please continue progress on your coding sites.

As a special challenge create a virtual classroom in CoSpaces!

For fun, using the coding feature in TinkerCAD to create a flower!

1st Quarter proficiency scales for computers

2nd Quarter proficiency scales for computers

3rd Quarter proficiency scales for computers

Coach Windmiller, Coach Youse, Coach Pretz

Journey to Success!

Click here for our outline for the remainder of the school year.

Students will once again be given a question of the week that will be assigned on Monday and Wednesday, along with a choice board that will be posted on Monday that they can work on during that week. We LOVE to hear from our students and see how they are keeping active! Please send us photos on how you and your family are staying fit during this time! Also, share out to us your choice board options and how it went!

***Expectations for Digital PE Assignments:***

1. You have choices but ALWAYS get parent permission before doing the suggested activities.
2. NONE of these activities or assignments are required but we would like to hear back from you at least once per week.
3. You may not have all the materials, equipment or skill necessary for all activities but you are welcome to make modifications as needed.
4. If you have any questions or need help please email a PE teacher.

6th-8th Grade Skills Proficiency Scales

Policies and Procedures

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Dr. Moebes

ALL MUSIC CLASSES: I'm missing our time together so much! I hope each of you are doing well, and that you have all you need during this time. Please email me if there is anything you need.

Next week we will be choosing emotion words that apply to ourselves. I would like each student to give me at least 5 emotion words that apply to our entire school year - not just to the current situation. By reflecting on our entire school year I'm guessing that we will remember the HUGE range of feelings, and the words that describe those feelings. We'll start out by combining our lists, then create our school year playlists!

NEW RESOURCE! Please check out the top link below to play around with Eternal Jukebox. . Jump in and check it out! You get to choose your favorite songs, and then check out the looping options generated by a computer. Click the FAQ button at the top to learn more about what is going on with this tool!

Choir class: I miss you all so much! Please continue to take great care of your choir folders and music. You'll need to bring them back to FMS when you come by to pick up your belongings. I do not know when you will be allowed to get your stuff, but Mrs. Houf and Ms. Hogan will let us all know as soon as they know.

Arts Alive: Please take great care of your Into the Woods Jr books. Please bring them back to FMS and drop them off when you are allowed to come pick up your personal belongs. Mrs. Houf and Ms. Hogan will send out information about that soon.

Please feel free to contact me at any time: For pictures and daily updates about Vocal Music at FMS, follow me on Twitter: @MoebesMusic

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Mr. Thomas and Ms. Neudecker

We hope you are all doing well! Mr. Thomas, Mr. Hiley, and Ms. Neudecker are now offering online Google Meet lessons! Lessons will continue weekly until the last week of school (May 18-22). Here's the link to the sign-up sheet: LESSONS. Each teacher's schedule is a different tab at the bottom of the sheet. Let us know if you have any questions or issues with the sheet. I'll post it on Google Classrooms as well. We'll start them next week.

There are still lots of things to do on our COVID-19 resources page, but one opportunity that's really cool is SmartMusic. We talked a little about this in class when we last saw you guys. We now have an account! And it's free! There is a TON of music to play with. You can find some of our band tunes, (8th grade - "Voyage to the Edge of the World" is there!), good exercises to stay up with your instrument, and fun music to play.


  1. The class is called Fulton Music

  2. Use this code to enroll: EQWL4-J24EH

  3. ALL music on the site is free until June 30

  4. Contact Ms. Neudecker if you have trouble enrolling!

Once you get enrolled, Mr. Thomas or I (Ms. Neudecker) have to may "accept" you. That should happen within 24 hours! Don't hesitate to send me an email, just as a reminder!

Keep an eye out for some extra resources for you all to utilize to make practicing exciting! Mr. Thomas will be sending info to student emails starting next week for everyone to use!

Please stay in touch! Send us pictures or videos of your practice time, practice room, family performances, whatever you do musically!

Mr. Chapman

News From (outside) the Art Room

Students, and Parents,

I have posted the assignment on google classroom for week 5&6 as well as our weekly check in. Please take time to sit with your student to have them complete the google form and make sure they don't have any questions or need support in their assignment. Many of you have contacted me with issues regarding uploading files to google forms. I have instructed students to just email me their images to save time and frustration. I am still working on why google forms only allow certain file sizes and limits.

This week students will look at week 6 which is a continuation of enhancing drawing skills from week 5.

I am proud of some of the results I am seeing with the several submissions I have seen so far.

Students last week and this week as well will keep drawing to help improve their observational skill through repeated practice. Drawing is such an essential skill in art, and while not all of us can be the best, we only achieve skill through practice, so I want my students drawing all the time, and at least 20-30 minutes a day for the next couple weeks. I think building these skills can only be done through repetition, and setting a specific time where they can get a routine. Plus! Drawing is very therapeutic, and a great way to chase away boredom.

I am looking forward to seeing more creativity this week!

Be sure to keep checking in through google forms, and have a great week!

Thanks so much! Be safe, and be well!

Mr Chapman

Art Teacher

Fulton Middle School

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The FMS Thrive Hive

The Fulton Middle School Thrive Hive opened for business on Monday, August 21st. The store is open 7:25 to 7:45 each morning. If students aren't able to shop then they can email Mrs. Horstmeier @ or Mrs. Yates @ for an appointment to shop.

The Thrive Hive is designed to allow students to use their Hornet Bucks--earned through the Positive Behavior Support Program--to purchase items from the store. The Thrive Hive was created to help the needs of the FMS Student Community.

If you would like to donate, please call Fulton Middle School at 573-590-8200.

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Mrs. Lairmore

I sure miss seeing you all at school! I hope you're doing well while we're on this long break from school. I'd love to hear from you. What are you all up to? What are you reading? I'd love to have you send me a book review of any books you've read while on this break. If you want to email it to me, make sure it's a video, 2 minutes or less, and you don't have to show your face if you don't want to. I will share it on our FMS Facebook page and the Library Instagram page. If you do not want me to share it on social media please say that in your email.

If you are needing more books to read, or activities to do, please check out these sites below:

This is the Fulton District site with information for Library activities and books:

This is Junior Library Guild which has FREE access to books for you!

If you would like to read books online, check out Hoopla for your phone, tablet, and computer. You can check out books, music, and movies for FREE just by having a Library Card with Daniel Boone Regional Library.

I included a video below to show you how to get signed up for Hoopla! It's my favorite digital Library app!

Keep up with what's happening in the Library on Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter. You might even see yourself on there!

See you in the Library!

If you want to see some things happening in the Library:

Follow us on Instagram: fms_library or FMS LIBRARY

My You Tube Channel is:

Follow the Library fun on Twitter:

You can contact me by email at:



Please keep in mind that some students at FMS have an allergy to nuts, tree nuts and popcorn. Please be mindful of what food your child is bringing to school, and notice the signs throughout the school building. Thank you!
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Please check out the Digital Citizenship information at This site will help you keep up-to-date with current issues and trends in technology. Check out the "Parent" section! We are very proud at FMS to be recognized as a Digital Citizenship Certified School for the year 2016-17.