Spring Cleanse

Feel better in your body and mind

Simple Changes for Excellent Health

Spring is an excellent time to shift patterns and create health in your body and mind. Our Spring Cleanse will provide the support for making a few nutritional modifications and lifestyle additions that will allow the body to progress towards greater health. The course will include addressing how foods make us feel, accessing our current diet, and setting personal goals.

4 Weeks on Wednesdays at 7pm

We will meet at Moab Yoga on Wednesdays at 7pm from April 10th - May 1st. The cost of the course is $30.

Laurie Collins

This course is being led by Laurie Collins. In addition to teaching yoga, Laurie is currently in a 9 month Living Ayurveda Course. She has also practiced cleansing and making changes in her own diet and lifestyle for several years.