I Am Malala

Chapter 9 - Candy From The Sky

My P.O.V

My POV about this chapter is proud excited because the army came to the rescue and are trying to take out Pakistan but a bit worrying because the army has taken the Taliban away for now but don't want the army to win the Taliban so they wont keep on destroying, bombing, and killing people, schools, etc.

Why I Feel This Way

I feel this way about the chapter because lets say your happy and proud because your has came to help you but don't want them to loose against your enemy, you want your hero to win so the enemy doesn't keep on destroying. Just like in Malala the army was there to rescue them and stop the Taliban from destroying more and more buildings.

Malala P.O.V

Malala P.O.V about the chapter is that she is proud about the army coming to rescue the people from the Taliban. Malala want the army to beat the Taliban so they can stop the violence around their country. Malala later than got worried because the army got the Taliban away for now but she hope for the army to win.
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