Christopher Braud

Christopher Braud Gives Kids a Smile

Christopher Braud

When Christopher Braud, DDS, is not helping others in his capacities as associate at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry in Slidell, he is making a difference in other ways. Chief among Christopher Braud’s altruistic works is a program called “Give Kids a Smile Day,” where Christopher Braud and other selfless dentists perform free screenings for children from underprivileged areas around Slidell.

Christopher Braud Dreams of His Own Dentistry Practice

Although Christopher Braud is still in the early stages of what promises to be a bright career, the young dental professional has lofty goals for his own future. Currently the newest associate in general dentistry at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry in Slidell, LA, Christopher Braud is already gaining traction in the profession as a man of integrity and a high achiever. Patients respond well to his earnest, impassioned approach to the job, and he consistently delivers on the high expectations he sets up for himself. But for Christopher Braud, that is only the beginning.

Christopher Braud has known he wanted to be a dentist for as long as he can remember, and his educational path never veered off track. After obtaining his DDS from Louisiana State University in 2013, Christopher Braud was hired on at Oak Harbor almost right away. His high performance at LSU had impressed Oak Harbor, and they have not been disappointed thus far.

Christopher Braud has larger aspirations for his career, as well. Someday, he says, he will be in charge of his own dental practice, perhaps one with more than one office. In fact Christopher Braud has aspirations to open clinics across Louisiana that offer his trademark brand of treatment, high quality service, and passionate patient care. It certainly won’t happen overnight, but Christopher Braud has the talent and the drive to make whatever he dreams into a reality. No matter what he decides to do with his career, there is no doubt that the future looks bright for Dr. Christopher Braud.

Dentistry Christopher Braud’s True Calling

Dentistry has always been on Christopher Braud’s mind, for as long as he can remember. The 26 year old has known he wanted to be a dentist ever since he was a small child, and nothing has ever been able to get in the way of that goal. After graduating Magna Cum Laude from Louisiana State University in 2009 with his B.S. in biological sciences, Christopher Braud enrolled in the LSU School of Dentistry, where he continued to excel academically, graduating in 2013 with his DDS. That degree has been the culmination of a lifetime of aspiration, and it means a great deal to Christopher Braud. It means that he has made it.

For some people, reaching their goals can almost be a bittersweet exercise, leaving them wondering what to do next. For Christopher Braud, however, nothing could be further from the truth. He sees the dentistry degree as only the first step in what he hopes will be a long and fruitful career in dentistry. Far from being a capstone, for Christopher Braud the degree is merely a jumping off point.

Currently Christopher Braud is exercising his credentials as the newest associate of general dentistry at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry in Slidell, LA. Already Christopher Braud is making a name for himself at the clinic, earning a reputation as a caring and attentive medical professional who consistently delivers service at the highest level. There can be little doubt that Christopher Braud has realized his true calling, and that the future looks bright.

On Helping Others With Christopher Braud

Christopher Braud knows a thing or two about helping others. In addition to his career as a dentist, where he helps others on a daily basis to keep their teeth healthy and their smiles bright, Christopher Braud is an active and prolific volunteer in the community, giving significant chunks of his time and energy to helping others in various capacities. Christopher Braud does this not out of a sense of obligation, but out of an instilled sense of gratitude for his good fortune in life, and a desire to spread positive energy around in as wide a swath as he possibly can.

In his professional life, Dr. Christopher Braud, DDS, is presented with opportunities to help others each day. Currently an associate practicing general dentistry at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry in Slidell LA, Christopher Braud works with patients of all ages, offering his special brand of professional expertise combined with a friendly manner that puts people at ease. Every day offers a new opportunity to be there and answering the needs of others.

As if that weren’t enough, outside the office Christopher Braud still offers his aid to those who need it. Through various volunteer outreach programs, Christopher Braud is able to help the hungry, the homeless, and the needs of neighborhood youths. Among the volunteer programs Christopher Braud contributes his efforts to are Habitat for Humanity, Relay for Life, various food pantries and kitchens in the community, and the Youth Leadership Council.

Both in his professional life and in his personal life, Christopher Braud enjoys helping others most.

Christopher Braud More Than Just Dentist

Although Christopher Braud is very proud of his work and accomplishments in his professional life, where he is a promising dentist in general dentistry practice at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry, he is also quick to point out that there is more to him than just dentistry. For example, during his undergraduate career at Louisiana State University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2009, Christopher Braud was a talented tennis player for the school, and is still a member of the USTA.

In addition, Christopher Braud has an active volunteering life, giving his time and energies to such causes as the 2nd Harvest Food Drive, Relay for Life, Habitat for Humanity, and various food drives and youth outreach programs in Slidell, New Orleans, and other neighboring communities. Christopher Braud also helps to organize a program called “Give Kids A Smile Day,” where dental practitioners offer their services free of charge for consultations for underprivileged youths without adequate dental coverage.

So beyond his work helping others keep their smiles bright and their teeth in good health, Christopher Braud also spends significant time and energy helping to ensure that others are fed and sheltered, and that the future leaders of tomorrow are getting the kinds of opportunities that they deserve. Christopher Braud considers it a privilege and a duty to ensure that those less fortunate than himself are able to receive the care and treatment that they deserve as fellow members of the human race. For Christopher Braud, helping others is the highest calling there is

Christopher Braud Wears Heart on Sleeve at Clinic

Oak Harbor Family Dentistry’s newest associate of general dentistry, Christopher Braud has already earned for himself quite a reputation among his patients and coworkers. The young professional wears his heart on his sleeve at work, displaying a passion for the job that is palpable, and a level of caring for his patients that is rare to find in this day and age. Perhaps that is why Christopher Braud has experienced such a high level of success already in his young career.

Christopher Braud earned his DDS from LSU’s School of Dentistry in 2013, and hit the ground running, earning the job at Oak Harbor in Slidell, LA right away. Already Christopher Braud has made an impression on those around him with his earnest, positive attitude and zest for the job. Christopher Braud’s coworkers and patients are consistently impressed by how passionate he is about the work, and how closely he develops his relationships with patients. Christopher Braud always cares about the well-being of his patients, and goes out of his way to ensure they are receiving the best possible treatment, and that they have a great experience at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry.

This attitude is infectious, rubbing off on coworkers and patients alike, and it makes Oak Harbor a better place to work and a better place to visit as a patient. Christopher Braud’s attitude has already gone a long way toward making the people around him feel better about themselves; as he advances in his career, it is sure to become even more of an influence on others.

Christopher Braud: Dentist, Tennis Champ

Wearing only one hat has never been something Christopher Braud ever considered as a possibility. Although many people would be content with just one of the accomplishments that Christopher Braud has achieved already in his lifetime, Christopher Braud himself considers each one just a stepping stone to greater things. As one example of the kind of multi-talented person Christopher Braud is, not only was he able to graduate from Louisiana State University Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in biological sciences, but he was also a talented tennis player at the university, and is still an active member of the United States Tennis Association.

Success on multiple fronts has been a hallmark of Christopher Braud’s young career thus far. After graduation, Christopher Braud went on to achieve high marks at LSU’s School of Dentistry, earning his DDS in 2013. Currently Christopher Braud works at the Oak Harbor Family Dentistry practice in Slidell LA. A successful career is only part of the equation for Christopher Braud, however; in addition, he maintains an active social life that includes a diverse portfolio of volunteer work in the community.

Tennis has remained a passion for Christopher Braud through all his successes and despite his full schedule. He always makes time to release some tension on the tennis court, and even teaches tennis on a volunteer basis to youths. Christopher Braud’s USTA membership won’t be expiring anytime soon, and it is a safe bet that neither will his passion for great work and high achievement.

Christopher Braud’s Volunteering Takes Center Stage

Already making a name for himself as a consummate professional and a passionate medical practitioner, Christopher Braud, DDS, is also finding plenty of time for giving to multiple volunteering opportunities around Louisiana state.

Currently working as an associate in general dentistry at Oak Harbor Family Dentistry in Slidell, LA, Christopher Braud is rapidly gaining prestige for his outstanding work in that field, as well as his devotion to his patients and his approachable professional demeanor. Christopher Braud enjoys the work environment that Oak Harbor affords him, and has developed a rapport with many of his regular clients.

When he is not providing outstanding dental service at his day job, Christopher Braud still has humanitarian work on the mind. He is currently volunteering at a number of different organizations around the area, including the Youth Leadership Council in New Orleans, the 2nd Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans, Aldersgate Church Thanksgiving Kitchen, Relay for Life, and Habitat for Humanity. Each of these opportunities affords Christopher Braud an outlet for a different part of his personality. Whether he is leading the leaders of tomorrow at the Youth leadership Council, helping the hungry at 2nd Harvest or the Thanksgiving Kitchen, or building shelters for the needy through Habitat for Humanity, Christopher Braud gets a great deal of satisfaction from knowing he is making a positive difference in his community and in people’s lives. These volunteering opportunities help Christopher Braud feel that he is living a well-rounded life, in the way he was brought up, giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than himself.

Slidell, LA Dentist Profile: Christopher Braud

Christopher Braud, DDS, is a graduate of the Louisiana State University School of Medicine. His current post is with the Oak Harbor Family Dentistry clinic in Slidell, LA. Christopher Braud is a member of the American Dental Association and the Academy of General Dentistry. Although Christopher Braud is relatively young, he is rapidly amassing a file full of accolades and commendations, and gaining a steady reputation as a promising dentist with an infectious enthusiasm for the profession and a highly developed skill set.

Prior to earning his DDS at LSU’s School of Medicine, Christopher Braud graduated Magna Cum Laude from that school with a B.S. in biological sciences. During his undergraduate career, Christopher Braud earned several distinctions and honors, including Chancellor’s List, Dean’s List, Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society, and Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society. Christopher Braud brings his impressive credentials to Oak Harbor, where he is an associate of general dentistry. From the look of things Christopher Braud is sure to amass far greater awards and honors in the future.

In addition to his promising career in dentistry, Christopher Braud has an active social life that includes a diverse amount of volunteer work in various communities around the area. Among the volunteer opportunities Christopher Braud partakes in are the Youth Leadership Council in New Orleans, the 2nd Harvest Food Bank in New Orleans, Aldersgate Church Thanksgiving Kitchen, Relay for Life, and Habitat for Humanity. Christopher Braud also volunteers for a program that provides free consultations to underprivileged children in the area.

American Dental Association Member Christopher Braud

Christopher Braud, DDS, is a member of the American Dental Association. Christopher Braud has been practicing as a general dentistry expert at the Oak Harbor Family Dentistry clinic in Slidell, LA. In 2013 Christopher Braud graduated from the Louisiana State University School of Dentistry with his DDS. Prior to this he had graduated Magna Cum Laude from LSU with a B.S. in biological sciences.

Already in his fledgling career, Christopher Braud has displayed a great talent for dentistry and a knack for interaction with patients that puts them at ease in a very comfortable way. Christopher Braud’s manner goes a long way to making patients comfortable, and many patients of the Oak Harbor clinic have begun requesting him by name.

Christopher Braud says that this patient interaction skill is not something he has consciously cultivated, but thinks it must stem from his passion for dentistry. According to Christopher Braud, the passion is something that you cannot fake, and patients see it and it helps to influence them in a positive way. When they see someone who really cares about what they are doing, they feel as though they are in good hands, and they are able to relax in a way they would not otherwise be able to relax.

In addition to his membership in the American Dental Association, Christopher Braud is a member of the Academy of General Dentistry, and volunteers to give free consultations to underprivileged youths in the Slidell area and in other communities all across Louisiana.