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Library Facelifts

Here's a sample of how to engage your users, students or adults. This is a free, online tool for creating flyers. Just think of the possibilities for uses in the library!

Check out or

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I'm happy to offer my knowledge and experience to whose seeking answers, ideas or assistance. If I don't know the answer I'll get one for you. Let me be your go to person.

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I'm on the road in districts, libraries, or family events with the grandchildren or family. But I do read email daily if I have service or wifi so the easiest way to reach me is by email.

Marsh Middle School students take back their library

Marsh Middle School Students Take Back Their Library

Marsh Middle School is in Dallas, TX. It's awesome as the students were actively involved in the makeover.

Learning Commons - Elizabeth Rummel School

Learning Commons - Elizabeth Runnels Elementary School

Great explanation for Learning Commons.