The Contract

By: Paul Mantell

A true story about the 14 time All Star Derek Jeter's Childhood

As a little kid Derek Jeter dreams of being the shortstop for the New York Yankees. He even dreamed about himself in the world series. In little league he wanted to start shortstop but instead he started second base. Also he wanted to wear the number 13 but he ends up wearing number 2. He wanted 13 because that was his dads number.

This is a story about baseball.

''Shoot for the moon. But if you miss you'll land among the stars." -Les Brown



"When Derek saw number 13 he freaked out yelling me me me!!! Sorry Derek this one's taken, said coach."

The conflict of the book is man vs. man.

On the team's first practice the coach assigned positions and numbers. The coach's son Pete took everything Derek wanted, Derek wasn't very happy about that.

Extra Information

No one believed in Derek the only people that did was his family. Everyone started laughing when when they found out that Derek wanted to start shortstop for the New York Yankees.
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