Edgar Allan Poe

Born Jan. 1809 Died Oct. 1849


HIs mom and dad (Eliza and David) were both actors in the theater (that's what's going on in the U.S.) Eliza died of tuberculosis when Edgar was just 2 years old. His dad left them a year after he was born. He was the second oldest out of three children. HIs eldest brother named William became a poet shortly before his early death. His younger sister (Rosalie) became a teacher at an All Girl's school. His uncle William Galt was his benefactor who cared for him. After his mom died the Allan family fostered him as their own.


Edgar went to the University of Virginia, where he succeeded very well in. During this time, slavery was happening in the U.S. and it affected his writing. Edgar then enrolled in the army. He received Sergeant Major, which makes him a good officer for not being trained as much as other people

Some of his top stories

His two fiancees

Sarah Royster & Virginia

His first fiancee was Sarah Royster.

Her dad didn't believe in the marriage and he broke it off.

Virginia was his last wife that died of tuberculosis when she was 20 years old. Virginia was his 13 year old cousin from William Galt.

Affected his writing

His whole life had a lot of tragedies. The first could be when his dad left him and he never knew him. His mom dying of tuberculosis and his cousin-wife dying too could have affected his writing as well.

Theories on how he died

1. They found him unconscious in a bar wearing someone else's clothing.

2. They also believed it was to do with drugs and alcohol.

I believe that both can be right because he could be drunk in a bar wearing someone else's clothing.

Why is Poe still relevant to this day?

He was one of the first writers to develop the genre, detective fiction, and horror. He influenced American Literature and still is known around the world to this day.