VIII by H. M. Castor

Book Project

5 Traits

  • Unforgiving*
  • Horrible
  • Fighting
  • Dreadful*
  • No love*

Two Themes

  • Love can be artificial

Hals father only "loved" him once his brother had died and he was only then needed

  • The world is a cruel place

Hal tried to get a son lots of times to secure the throne but every time he tried they would not make it out alive and Hal himself had a bad childhood

Three quotations and evidence


"You are a backup, a reserve, you don't have my love until I have a need for you!"

This shows that Hals father only sees him as a reserve and nothing more.


"You need to learn respect, discipline, you will need to learn to obey your brother before he kills u because he thought u would be a threat."

This shows how Hals father beat Hal into a respectful and disciplined person.


"Your people hate you, they all do. They have been waiting for you to ascend to the depths of hell and for me to rise to power."

This shows Hal talking to his father on his father's deathbed and how Hal finally tells his father what the people think of him.

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