Save the Loggerhead Turtles!

You can be a hero by saving the Loggerheads!

Why they're endangered

Loggerheads are endangered because people are catching them in shrimp nets and on hooks. When they hatch, many animals eat the baby turtles . That's why Loggerhead Sea Turtles are endangered. There are only 40,000-50,000 of them left in the world. Loggerhead turtles are a red, brownish color and has a huge head with lots of power.

What people are doing to save these poor Sea Turtles

Help Loggerheads survive!

People are putting cages around the nest to protect the baby turtles from getting hurt, or even killed. One of the groups helping these turtles is WWF. They are helping the hurt loggerheads, and helping them recover from their wounds.

What you can do.

What you can do is walk on the beach at night [if you're at a beach] and look with a flashlight for a turtles nest, and keep on going there until they hatch. Never shine the light in the baby's eyes! When they hatch shine your light into the water and lead them into the water safely. You just saved some Loggerhead baby sea turtles.

Loggerhead turtle behaviors

The Loggerhead turtle is a very calm animal. It usually stays calm, but sometimes can act up. So in theory Loggerheads are very peaceful animals.

Where do they live?

Loggerhead turtles live close to warm water like the Atlantic ocean. It also lives in the Pacific Ocean and around Africa.
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Turtles eat crabs, shellfish, and jellyfish. One of its predators is almost any shark that can harm something. Its second predator is an alligator, yes an alligator! Alligators are getting into Australian waters and killing sea turtles right when they get to the shore of a beach.