12 Angry Men

Juror Number Twelve

Juror #12

This juror in particular was completely different from the others. I would describe him as a slight pushover. He did have his own mind set but he was easily persuaded and jumped back and forth between guilty and not guilty which in a way made him indecisive. He was more common for telling jokes and clearing the air when things became tense. He obviously uses that to his advantage so the other guys would like him. It worked until the last couple of minutes when he kept switching back and forth but that was only out of frustration from the stubborn men who voted guilty. He never raised his voice and he never threatened anybody like some of the others did. He was calm and collected and it worked for him. Although, I wouldn't want him to be on jury duty with me because he didn't give any input. He simply agreed with everyone as much as possible. Whenever he would be asked about his opinion, every time he simply said "I don't know". This was no help to the case.

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