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Learning how to take conceptual learning home.

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Ever wonder about how to change your classroom dynamics, get away from that boring lecture, engage the students into a student-centered learning environment. Our adventure today is to explore a new pedigogee, boldly go where few have gone before. The Flipped Classroom a place to take the conceptual stuff home and leave the homework in the classroom.....
What is a flipped classroom? (in 60 seconds)


Let's look at what if will give back to us....
The Flipped Class: Is Flipping for Everyone?

Overcoming the Hurdles:

It happens and it can be done.
The Flipped Class: Overcoming Common Hurdles

Can it be done?

Let's look at a low-economic school's attempt to make it happen.
What a 'flipped' classroom looks like

Just another Resource:

Something to think about.
How to Flip the Classroom

7 Benefits of Flipping Classroom:

  1. No more long, frustrating homework sessions. Students have more time for the extracurricular activities.
  2. A flipped classroom encourages the student collaboration and the mastery concept.
  3. Flipping your classroom creates the student-centered learning environment.
  4. Video lectures are short-typically under ten minutes, keeping students engaged.
  5. Teachers are available for more one-on-one interaction and instruction with students in a flipped classroom.
  6. The flipped classroom provides flexibility - everyone works at their own pace.
  7. Students take on the responsibility for their own learning.

6 Disadvantages of a Flipped Classroom:

  1. Schools and/or students do not have the technology needed for a flipped classroom to be successful, especially those from low-income school districts.
  2. There is no guarantee students will watch the online lecture at home and come to class prepared. A Flipped Classroom's success is dependent on student participation.
  3. Parents may not like the idea of the Flipped Classroom. Teachers will need to be prepared to meet some resistance.
  4. Support of a Flipped Classroom may also be lacking from other teachers, school administrators, and students.
  5. Allowing each student to work at their own pace may be extremely beneficial for the students, it may lead to a larger workload for the teacher. Having to manage multiple standards may become time-consuming.
  6. Standardized testing can become problematic in a Flipped Classroom. A good portion of a teacher's instruction time needs to be set aside to prepare for state-mandated testing which interrupts the flow of the Flipped Classroom.

6 Helpful Tips for Successfully Flipping your Classroom:

  1. Set a Date The last thing you want to do is surprise your students with a sudden Classroom Flip. Set a date of at least a month in advance so that you and your students can prepare and get excited about the big day.
  2. Market the Flipped Model and Get Students Excited Not everyone likes change, including students and parents. It’s important to be excited and positive about flipping your classroom to get your students and their parents on board. Involve the students in planning and preparing for the flip day and offer an open discussion on how the students feel about the flip and what your expectations are. Continue communicating with students every day after the flip to ensure it's continued success.
  3. Get out of the way As a student-centered pedagogy, the Flipped Classroom Model puts the teacher on the sidelines. Get out of the way right from the first flip day and watch the magic happen. By creating an environment where students learn from each other and at their own pace, the teacher becomes a guide, offering more time for individual and small group guidance.
  4. Make sure everyone has access to the Internet If even one student can’t access a pre-recorded lecture, the Flipped Class will fail. If students do not have Internet access at home and cannot use the library on a regular basis, provide that student with class time to view the material online.
  5. Use Flipped Model Assessments Because of all the teamwork and collaborative learning that takes place in a Flipped Classroom, teachers need teamwork friendly assessments. For up to 100 students, the website Learning Catalytics offers free instant feedback, group-based assessments perfect for a Flipped Classroom.
  6. Give Students a Reason to be Prepared In a Flipped Classroom, students should walk into class already instructed on the day’s topic. To help ensure students do their “homework” one hundred percent of the time, give them an incentive. First of all, keep your video lectures short, ideally 5-7 minutes. Also, consider gamifying your classroom. By offering an environment where participation and assessments lead to levels won and titles given, students will show up to class excited, motivated, and well prepared. To learn more about gamifying your classroom, read our Teacher’s Guide to Gamification.

Learning Management Systems:

You need a LMS set up in order for all student to get the information you need to disseminate to all the students. Lets look at a couple of options.

Google Account:

Really all you need is a google account to create a youtube channel, its that easy. But if you have issues watch the video above or look at the PDF below.
Sorry this guy is ADHD :)

Posting Material

The next two sections I have found to be most useful in posting material and building content.

Recording Material

The items listed below are helpful in building your recording resources, some cost but in the long run are worth the purchase.


This is beneficial because you can adjust the size of the video you are posting. MP4's tend to be the popular format at this time, and are typically viewed on any device.

Explain Everything:

One of the greatest apps every invented, it gives you the power of all the editing tools, whiteboard applications, video editing, and great overall application to flip the classroom to start with no or low cost.

Golden Resource of Resources for Flipped Classroom

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