Life of a Monarch

By: Andrew Tao

Responsibility of a Monarch

The Monarch was the ruler of an area of land. The male in the Monarch would command the army and would make laws and do other things, the female would maintain the household and do other things like that. The king or queens word was law and they had divine power according to the people.

Restrictions and Benefits

There were much more benefits than restrictions if you were a King or Queen. If you were the King or Queen, first off you had power so what ever you said was law and if you wanted something done, it happened. Also you had wealth and power, you lived comfortably and never had to worry about starvation and your chances of getting sick were decreased. But a restriction would be leading your army into battle so you would have to leave your home and actually go fight.

Daily Life

  1. First they would wake up and attend the Chapel.
  2. Then they would eat Breakfast
  3. After Breakfast, they would attend meetings and listen to petitions and laws
  4. In the Afternoon, he might go hunting with dogs or hawks
  5. At Night, he would eat Supper and say prayers with his/her spouse