Comparison of world religions

Evan Peterson


  1. It started with the birth of Christ a man who was a divine human birthed from Mary into the world to teach people the good of God and to die on the cross for their sins.
  2. In simple terms Jesus began the religion. In biblical terms Adam began technically.
  3. God is the god of this religion.
  4. They believe that God the creator of the earth watches over them and will either send them to heaven or earth based off of their good or bad actions.
  5. The religion started in Palestine.
  6. It began 2000 years ago with Jesus Christ.
  7. The parable of the lost son is a great example of a lesson taught in this religion. It begins with a man who asks his father for his inheritance. He takes his inheritance and spends it quickly in another land. After attempting to work there as a slave he goes home to his father. Before he can ask for forgiveness his father makes preparation for a celebration. Happy for his sons return he cooks his fattest cow to celebrate. His older brother who remained loyal to his father came back from his labor seeing these festivities was angry. He complained a goat would not be even prepared in celebration for him. The father explained that the celbration was about the return of the lost son.
  8. There are around 2,100,000,000 followers of Christianity located all around the world due to the heavy missionary practices of the believers.
  9. Missionaries and the printing press helped spread their ideas.
  10. The Bible is their holy book
  11. Jesus God Moses Abraham David
  12. Church organization depends on the many variations of the faith. There is the Priest or Preacher the Pope the nuns and the ushers.


  1. A man by the name of Confucius gave up his Government job to devote his life to teaching people to behave.
  2. A man by the name of Confucius started the religion.
  3. There are no Gods in this religion.
  4. Confucianist believe in the positive side of human nature. They believe in exhibiting positive behavior for the sake of doing it.
  5. It began in the 6th century B.C.
  6. There is a parable about two children having a dispute about the distance of the sun during different times of the day. Confucius was unable to settle the argument and was mocked. One of the children asked "who says you are a learned man?"
  7. 5-6million people follow Confucianism mostly in China and Korea.
  8. It spread due to Confucius personally traveling preaching his teachings.
  9. The Shih shu is the set of books that accompany the belief of Confucianism.
  10. Confucius was considered special.
  11. There is no organization. Believers follow the other practices from religions they believe along with Confucianism.


  1. It originated in India. A man by the name of siddha who went out to find a cure of the suffering of the people.