By :Kaden Sukup

Capitol city:

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92,477,857 as of 2-19-14

Physical Features

Their are moutains to the north of Vietnam.

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The History

The Vietnam war started in 1954.

The Soviet Union, China, & North Vietnam (who were communist) were at war with South VIetnam & the U.S. (against communism).

After multiple years of fighting the North Vietnamese defeated the South Vietnamese.

In 1976 Vietnams North & South were reunited as the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

The People and Places of Vietnam

Vietnam abided by the golden rule treat others as you would like them to treat you or in other words they respected respectable people.

VIetnamese were very prompt to them the time stated was the time met.

Vietnamese hope for a better security and economy but fear that they will be lost in a modern economy.

About 75% of the country side is being neglected leading to poverty.

Their lifestyle

Some of the many sports the Vietnam play are Volleyball & Soccer.

Youth begin dating in their late teens.

In late January or early Febuary all Vietnamese celebrate their birthdays.

White rice is a very important part of their diet. They use a fermented fish sause called nuoc mam as dip or seasoning.

Their Society

Most vietnamese dont own cars.

The name of the currency in Vietnam is called Dong.

Some things the Vietnamese farm are rice, corn, bannannas, potatoes, & cofee.

The Vietnamese government is a Communist government which makes up of a prime minister, presedent, & a secretary general.

The Wildlife

Their is a variety of wildlife in Vietnam.

Just like how a dogs a mans best friend in America to the Vietnamese a water buffalo is their best friends.

Some of the wildlife in Vietnam include large poisonous snakes, black bears, crocodiles, elephants, tigers, & leapords.