Free Comics Download

Free Comics Download

How to Grow Your Comic Writing Business into a Real Company

If you want to grow your comic writing business into a real company, then you have to start doing some things properly. First and foremost, the Internet is going to be your number one asset. You need to start utilizing the web and the resources that it provides to you. By effectively utilizing online assets, you can grow your business at a rapid pace. Below, you will find how to do this in a smart and strategic way.

Start a website where you offer your comic downloads

On your website, you should allow your fans to download free comics directly from you, so that they can gain access to the comic content that you have without having to pay for it. Your website should be your number one resource. It should be where you release all of your free comics first, then you should syndicate them out to other sources. Your website needs to have all of your free content, as well as your paid content. It should also have a shopping cart so that users can pay for your comments and download them directly.

Syndicate your free comics to free comic download websites

After publishing your free comics on your website, you should syndicate them to free comic download websites. These are websites that people go to to download free comics and by featuring your comics among the rest, you will have an opportunity to build your brand and establish yourself as one of the best comic writers in the industry. It’s a great way to gain exposure and to reach out to the community. This is one of the many ways the comic writers utilize the Internet to their advantage.

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