Special Education Hours

El Dorado Middle School

Types of Special Needs I Worked With

I worked with multiple types of special need learners. Many of the kids I worked with had ADHD and/pr behavioral disorder. The students had a real struggle of just paying attention. Severe cases of ADHD was what I saw the most of. These students had to have someone with them the whole time in order for them to get anything done. In one of the classes I was in there was a student with a communication disorder. He had a hearing impairment in his left ear. He was born with this disability. The students had a hearing aid in order for him to hear out of his left ear.

Teaching and Learning Setting

I visited two types of classrooms while at El Dorado Middle School. The classrooms I spent the most time in was resources classrooms. The classes are elective classrooms for the students that need the extra help to get there homework done. The second type of classroom I was in was a self contained classroom. This classroom is meant for students that have a severe disabilities. The this classroom each student will learn math reading writing, and life skills which consists of accounting, laundry and cooking.

Teaching Strategies for Special Need Students

Thoughts about teaching in a Special Needs Classroom

I thought that is a very different environment then an ordinary classroom. You have to have the patience to be able to work with some students and you can not be afraid of putting your foot down. Many of times in special needs classroom the student thinks they are in charge of you. That is not how it is suppose to be. You do not want to be mean to the students but firm and hold your ground.