Poll Everywhere!

Surveys Through Text Messages

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Poll Everywhere

Tap into the technology that is in their pockets. Students can respond to digital surveys and quizzes via texting and teachers can see responses in live-time.

What part of the BISD Digital Platform does Poll Everywhere fit in?

Feedback on Student Performance

Teachers can gather student responses quickly and graphically using Poll Everywhere. It can be useful for pre-assessments, longer surveys, formative assessments, and exit tickets. The use of smart phones encourages students to engage in the responses.

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Check out this short How-To Video for creating a Poll Everywhere Quiz.

Poll Everywhere - Setting Up Your First Quiz

Good to Know!

1. Responders need smartphones to be able to text in responses.

2. Teacher needs projector to show quiz and live-time results.

3. Images are also possible answers.

4. How's the service in your room? Connectivity does affect the effectiveness of this tool.

Read this blog post for ideas of ways to use Poll Everywhere in the classroom.