College Picks

Explore various college choices in our HIVE group

Finding a college that fits!

Research and explore various colleges in North Carolina and the United States.

Tuesday in HIVE

Each Tuesday, we will look at various college picks chosen by our HIVE students. Students will be able to determine if the college of their dreams is the best college for their lifelong dreams. In other words, does their college pick offer what they need academically to achieve their future goals.

Join us online and share your college information!!

Each student can share the information they have found out about their college pick. This gives us the opportunity to learn about several different colleges and what they have to offer while making this important decision about the future.

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Questions to ask yourself.......

What is the history of this college?

What are the requirements to get in this college?

Does this college offer my major?

What are the requirements of my major for graduation?

What does this college have to offer me? Do they have sports? Do they have clubs and extracurricular activities that might interest me?

Does the location of this college suit my lifestyle?

How long will it take me to get home?

How much money will this college cost my parents? Are scholarships or other forms of financial aide available? Will I have to work to help pay for my tuition?

How does the cost of this college compare to other colleges?

Will this college meet my future goals?