The American Fuzzy Lops

By:Chandler Whitelock


Long hair, which is called wool, having a coarse texture that the coat is not prone to tangling or matting, making it much easier to care for than larger wool breeds. The American Fuzzy Lops comes in a various amount of colors such as chestnut, chinchilla, squirrel, etc. These rabbits have a very loving, playful, and sociable personality and love companionship of other rabbits.


The American Fuzzy lops were developed in the 1980's, in an effort to get the broken pattern into the holland lop gene pool yet maintain the roll back or fly back fur, crossing the French Angora with the holland lops. They ended up producing an occasional wool rabbits with gentle, fly back fur which became the American Fuzzy Lops.

Diseases and Parasites

The American Fuzzy Lops is open to any disease an parasite any other rabbit is able to get. Such as: Snuffles, which is a respitory condition that can lead to death, if not treated properly. Other diseases are: colds, internal bacterial infections. Parasites are; ringworm, ear mites, mange, and flea infestation.

Gestation and General Care

The average gestation time period is 31 days but ranges from 29-35 days. American Lops do not require daily grooming except during molts, every few days you'll need to run your fingers through the wool to avoid tangles an matting. You should avoid giving all AFL's baths but do spot cleaning.


The purpose for the American Fuzzy Lops is for show, and their wool is a very great source to make yarn with.
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