By: David Borah

Where people lived and why.

Canada in the world helps it to be a leader in world trade. Canada is located on three oceans, so they have an opportunity to trade with Asia and Europe. A major benefit for Canada is it's border with the U.S. The U.S. and Canada share over 3,000 borders. Southeastern part of Canada is much warmer than other parts of Canada. There are warm to hot summers and cold winters that allows for long growing seasons. Northern Canada is very cold. Not that many people live there because the temperature can be below freezing even in the summer. Canada has many resources like coil, oil, natural gas, and many more things.

Quebec's Independence Movement

Many French Canadians in Quebec felt that their language and culture might disappear. Quebec wanted to protect French language and culture. They also wanted to be treated as equals with English-speaking Canadians and other Canadians. Quebec could have results in economic disasters and can ruin national unity and pride. Now for Quebec French is the only speaking language. Some people are happy with these changes, but other people still think Quebec should be independent from the rest of Canada today.

Canadian Government

The first thing with Canada is their Federal government. Canada shares the power between the national government, the ten provinces, and three territories. The Parliament is the legislative branch of government. The House of Commons, the Senate, and governor-general make up Parliament. Citizens had to be 18 or older to vote, but they were not required by law. Citizen vote for members of the House of Commons, which indirectly elects the Prime Minister.