6 Traits

Terrionna Frazier


What idea should I do??????


What is organization is that a clear beginning,middle,and the ending.


Voice is about really specking,talking,and yelling

Word Choice

Word Choice nouns,vivid,and verbs.

Writing Process

Sentence Fluency

This is all about using all of 6 traits,Writing Process


make sure that you always do is to put punctuation,capitalization,spelling,and grammar


Thinking about something and a discussion in a group.


Prewriting is drifting,the topic and more.


To make good writing and try your best in doing your best.


This is a noun and a judgement about the amount of number or value


Editing is when you have something and then it is wrong and you will have to fix it.


Is to share thing and publishing.

T-Table[with color scheme information....green,yellow,red sentences]

A chart that has a t on it,and it have on topic,3 Main Ideas,3 Tell Me More and one conclusion

Core 4 topic sentences[green]

It is about the topic sentences.


Transition is words are like First,Next,Than,After,Finally.

Big image

Main Idea Sentences[yellow]

The Main Ideas is the main part of the story and the labels color is yellow.

Details/Tell me more [red]

The tell me more is the middle and that is the important one.

Conclusion sentences [Green]

This is the last one so you will have to end the story