The Escalator

The invention that brought the world to the next level

The men who invented the escalator

Picture of Early Escalator

Jesse Reno first invented the escalator in 1900, but Charles Seeberger was credited for the escalator because he patented it and make the name.

This is how an escalator works

An escalator is a conveyer belt that is run by a motor. It is a very simple design. The motor of a escalator typically has 100 horse power for a smooth ride. There is also gears and other parts that make the conveyer rotate.
Escalator Animation

More About the Escalator

The escalator was first used as a ride at Coney Island, which was invented by Jesse Reno, it was later improved by Charles Seeberger which is the thing that we use today. The word escalator comes from the mix of "elevator" and "scala" which means step in Latin. Today, an average escalator would cost around $125,000 to $325,000.


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