Southwest Region

By: Lorin Boutte'

Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas


Some of the most common things people mine for are, copper, and uranium. You can probably find uranium in Arizona. Arizona uses uranium for rings. The Southwest uses copper for penny's and wire.

Texas is know for oil. Texas gets the oil from oil rigs. The oil rigs have a giant pipe that gets oil from under the ground.


The Southwest is mostly hot. If you were to go out on a hot day in the Southwest you would be so hot you would sweat a lot, and the air would feel dry. .Some parts of the Southwest are deserts. The desert barley have any water. If it does rain in the Southwest it's not that much. When it does rain it's only 10 inches of rain.

The desert is mostly filled with cactus. The cactus stay alive by storing water inside of them.


In the Southwest farmers raise cattle and they eat them for meat. Farmers also raise cows and horses. Some crops that farmers grow are corn and beans. They use the corn and beans for food.


Some of the land forms in the Southwest are, the Grand Canyon, the Grand Canyon was formed by the Colorado River. Witch is also know as water erosion. Another land form is the Colorado River. Some people like to raft the river. Most of the land in the Southwest is bumpy and dry and filled with cactus.


Some common businesses in the Southwest are the oil industry.They can use the oil for gas, to fuel aircraft and vehicles. The southwest also has the air conditioning industry. The Southwest use the air conditioning for factories to keep the workers cool on the inside.Another common business in the Southwest is skinning cattle for, soap, buttons, and they sell the products for money.

The Southwest also gets a lot of tourist. Some of the most popular attractions are the Grand Canyon, Johnson Space Center, Alamo, and the Cherokee Cultural Center.