Miss Foster's Fabulous First Grade

February/March 2016

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Door Decorating Contest

For Read Across America Week, NHUF is having our first door decorating contest! Above is the 1st grade entry...we'll let you know if we win!

What's Happening in First Grade

Math: During math we have been working on several things throughout the month of February and continuing into March. We have just finished up working on number relationships. We took a closer look at the relationships between numbers and used that information to help us solve story problems! We have solved story problems with multiple addends and missing addends.

We have recently started to learn how to collect, analyze and display data through different types of graphs. The students will have an opportunity to create their own survey questions and poll their classmates - it is so much fun!

Finally, we will end the quarter by looking more closely at shapes and their attributes. We will also learn more about 3D shapes and their defining attributes, such as the number of faces (for 3D shapes) or the number of sides and vertices (for 2D shapes). We will practice non-defining attributes as well by sorting a variety of materials, such as buttons and sea shells. See if your child can sort some things at home!

Reading: We will be working on synthesizing a text, doing things like using story details to retell a story, discussing how a problem was solved, and finding similarities and differences in two texts.

Writing: At the beginning of March, we are finishing up exploring several types of poetry. We used our senses to help us write and learned about alliteration, similes, and what an onomatopoeia is!

Next, we are going to begin learning how to write informational pieces. We will work hard on writing "How To" Books. The students get to pick something the know how to do and write step-by-step directions that instruct someone else. We will connect this learning to what we know about following recipes or putting together a new toy! The children will also learn more about using sequential terms in their writing such as first, next, then and last.

Science/Social Studies:

We will be learning about China during our social studies time. We'll learn about symbols of China, the geography, government and much more!

In science, we will begin to learn about living and nonliving things. We will explore with plants first and in the spring we will learn more about living things in aquariums and terrariums!

Tech Time

Videos of the Month

What Makes Ten?
UR ER IR - R controlled vowels song!

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Please always feel free to contact me by phone or email. Check out my classroom website below - it has lots of great websites, tools, and information on it along with pictures that are updated often!