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Introducing Beautycounter...

I'm so excited to announce my new venture! It's a young company on a mission to change legislature and put safe products in the hands of everyone.

The company is Beautycounter, a new skincare and cosmetics company that is leading the way in the beauty industry by setting new standards on what ingredients they include in their products. While the US government has not regulated the beauty industry since 1938, Beautycounter has chosen to eliminate components that have a proven record of toxicity, and are linked to human health issues like cancer, autism, allergies, ADHD, ashtma, reproductive issues and early puberty. Beautycounter products are both safe and highly effective, I have been using them for the past month and love the results!

Some of my favorite products....

I'd love to send you samples to try, or help you find the best Beautycounter products for you. Please email me if you are interested!

I'm growing a team! Beautycounter is a social selling company that not only transforms skin with safe and highly effective skincare, but also transforms lives with our business opportunity. Join me!