global warming

its bad

the cause

global warming is a problem that is increasing at a very fast rate. by human emissions of greenhouse gasses and the daily driver, are causing these effects.

whats hapenng

with climate heating up the earth is in trouble. temperatures are rising everywhere witch is causing a mayor problem in the northern hemisphere. the snow is melting at an irregular rate, witch results in rising sea level. at the rate were going someday, places like Florida with be almost covered all the way up with water.


Researchers have known for years that mammals such as primates and the groups that include horses and deer became much smaller during a period of global warming, called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, about 55 million years ago.


global warming could cost our economy 60 trillion. the causes for this is built up gasses under the ice witch will increase the rate of global warming


Ocean-dwelling bacteria may have vacuumed up carbon and halted a period of extreme warmth some 56 million years ago.