How To Do A Magic Trick Speech

By: Bradley Hammil

Step #1

Get a piece of rope that is approximately 3 feet long.

Step #2

Grasp the rope with your left hand over your right hand.

Step #3

While grasping the rope, twist your hands to put your rope in a circular position.

Step #4

Barely move the piece of rope closest to you sideways to make a pretzel shape with the rope.

Step #5

Put your thumb and pointer finger through the top left hole of the pretzel shaped rope.

Step #6

Grab the rope that your thumb is on.


Gently pull the rope, but act as if you are pulling the rope as tight as you can to give the effect on your audience.

Step #8

Once you have a small knot, show your audience.

Step #9

Say "Abra Cadabra!"

Step #10

Blow or slide your hand across the knot to give it the effect that you made it disappear.
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