New School: Life Road High School

A new school has opened. Join and apply



Mascot- Capri the goat

School color- White and gray

Any traditions- RAM- a short period of time to do studying or homework

Name and its significance.

The school is called Life Road High School. Why? Life is like a road with many turns and twists. Without guidance or a GPS, many get lost on the road to get somewhere.

Mission Statement

There are too many people who are jobless, homeless, or living in their parents basements because many does not know how to start their own life. LRHS wishes to teach them how to.

Focus and Purpose

LRHS is like a traditional school but teaches subjects necessary for a specific job. Its purpose is a career prep. So in the end, this high school focuses on the students future.

Bell Schedule

The school will follow an 8 bell schedule. It will be used to help students pay more attention in class because teachers found out that it is harder for a student to focus over a long period of time. However, instead of 7 hours of school, it will be 8 hours.