Old Lday Murdered

Roald Dahl thought that he had murdered Mrs Pratchett.......

I'll get those theving skum bags!

Yesterday at aproxametly 3:35 p.m four younge theveing skum bags tryed to kill Mrs Pratchetts by putting a dead mouse in a jar of gobstoppers. The next day Mrs Pratchetts went into her shop and saw a mouse in the jar of gobstoppers and fell to the floor and the jar smashed everywhere. Roal Dalh was the boy whom put the dead mouse in the jar of gobstoppers saw that the candy shop was closed and the candy shop was never closed he looked in the window and saw the jar of gobstoppers all over the floor and Mrs Pratchetts was no where in sight.Roal Dalh thought that he had killed her because she was in such a shock that she died when she saw the dead mouce in the jar of gobbstoppers