Prisoners other than jews

They suffered Pain Disease and Death

What were they during the war

During the war the SS arrested more than 10,000 soviet prisoners. There was a variety of prisoners incarcerated including: 37,000 non-Jewish citizens. There were 6,200 to 8,650 Yugoslav citizens, 63,000 Italians, and 47 allied military personal.

What were they after the war

World War II is over and the reign of the Nazis has come to an end. Now all of the freed prisoners now have to rebuild their lives. Most moved to Europe to start their lives over. But, more than 80,000 survivors moved to the United States between 1945-1952.


All these prisoners were captured, tortured and some were deceased. through 1933 to 1945 all of these prisoners were locked up and different camps all over Germany.

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