Are your missing out!

Come to Neptune for the family vacation you won't forget!

The sights to see from this magnificently elegant planet.

  • For all those fitness enthusiast this planets gravity will make sure you stay fit for life and burn that FAT! (exactly 14% stronger than earths gravity)
  • In the subject of amazing sights Neptune's five rings are a sight to behold.
  • The 14 moons are things of beauty just like are own.

Can humans really enjoy there time with out pesky death coming around?

  • Naturally, no because of the lack of oxygen and dangerous chemicals in the air.

But do not fret, for our state of the art suits and secure resorts outside and in the planet will keep you safe for weeks of fun!

  • "What about US! The people that hate the cold." Whelm your in luck because we can take care of the -218 degrees Celsius to a toasty 82-70* Fahrenheit .
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Is there something for the kids?

  • YES! Of course there are our 3, 7 star amusement parks on the edge of the rings.
  • "Is it safe?' Well with our top notch medic-core, doctors, and advance robotics to make sure your child never says "owwhh". So yeah! it is safe.

What about the adults?

  • Our famous spas with state of the art technology will make the pains of every day life go away!
  • We even offer shuttle tours in our luxurious aerodynamic hover shuttle of the beautiful blue planet.
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1)This magnificent planet is 17.15 times larger than our own.

2)Has 14 gorgeous moons.

3)Luckily discovered in 1846 on September 23rd

4)The great men that happened to discover this planet are Urbain Le Verrie and john Galle.

5)3rd largest planet in our solar system.

6)Farthest planet form our sun, BBBBHHHRRRRR(not including Pluto)

Affordable price?

  • Compared to OTHER travel agencies, and marketers our prices are fairly cheap.
  • 1 week: $135,000
  • 3 weeks: $270,000
  • 1 Month: $650,000