Arts & Entertainment

Americans Enjoy New Recreational Activities

During the 1950s, Americans enjoyed many new activities to do. All across the nation people were spending their time participating in these new events. They were able to do these things because many held higher paying jobs and had extra money. With this extra money, many Americans were able to go fishing, bowling, hunting, boating, and golfing. Many also went to baseball, basketball, and football games. As a result, industries grew and America became more powerful. At this time, life in America started to go back to normal. People were no longer worrying about the war and were able to enjoy life.

Rock 'n Roll

Rock 'n Roll Develops

Throughout the 1950s, music became more and more popular. People across the states were constantly listening to the radio and hearing music. One popular type of music was rock 'n roll. Rock 'n roll was brought to the radio by Chuck Berry, Richard Penniman, Bill Haley, and Elvis Presley. Many people believe that rock 'n roll brought two cultures together, African American and whites. Rock 'n roll was not considered white music or black music, it was considered American music. This is significant because it united America and its people.