Researched by Mia Carrion :)

Philippines capital city is Manila

The population is 105,720,644 as of 2014.

Physical feature

the Philippines mountains, some of which are active volcanoes, streams and also the land is covered with a big brush forests, sandy beaches , and active volcanoes.

Geographic Boundaries

*NORTH* Tiwan

*SOUTH* Malaysia

*EAST* Philippien Sea

*WEST* Vietnam

Philippines history

1. 1521 Ferdinand Magellan clams the island for Spain and many people were killed by Lapu Lapu.

2. 1951 the Philippines sighs a peace treaty with Japan.

3. 2004 about 1,800 people were killed by sever storms and mudslides ; the Philippines

withdraws its troops its troops from Iraq.

4. 1981 martial law i lifted and Marcos wins the presidential election.

People and Places

Mountains, some of which are active Volcanoes , many cover the islands.

Over 11 million Filipinos live in manila the capital city!

Hello= kumusta Goodbye= paalam, please= Pakisuyo , thank you= Salamat , Yes= oo no= hindi


1. Because toys are expensive most kids play with anything they can find.

2. Like marbles, rubber bands, or they play war games often with (paper guns or sticks ) etc.

3. Whats for dinner? mostly always rice, fish, and green veggies even if they don't even have that they eat pork, beef, chicken, goat, and even dog is cooked. :(

Banana Q are there favorite treat !


1. The country itself is divided into 81 province.

2. 1 Philippine , peso equals about 2 U.S pennies.

3. Foraging enough money is hard for some Filipinos.

4. Walk down a Filipino street you might find many Filipinos siting on top of or smooched in a jeeoeny which means jeep.

My choice

1. 1946 Japaneses invaded and occupy the islands during world war 2.

2. 1946 the united states is awarded military bases on the islands.

3. 1992 The U.s military closes its bases in Philippines.