A Blood churning novel

The story of Dracula

The characters and story intertwine

The story of Dracula contains many a various characters that can be hard to keep track of sometimes but are very engaging and diverse. They definitely fit the archetypes of the Victorian age. They each have their own contributions to the story as how to solve and how to understand each issue, for example Jonathan Harker at the start of the story sets a mood and a narrative of the whole story as his thoughts and interactions show more of his character as to not spoil the story I won’t say anymore but some of his characteristic don’t really work in his favor from time to time.

Alternate Ending

The ending of the story of Dracula is quite the expected one though the book does provide some suspense and doubt as to the ending it's clear that Dracula's fate was ultimately already decided when they started the search for him and his boxes of earth. If the story had gone a bit differently then it may have provided a welcomed plot twist. The way i would have ended it was that dracula would get away with only one box and have settled off away across the ocean in america. Where he could thrive and so the chase would continue in a never ending cycle as to symbolize an immortal being one of extreme power but not illustrating him as undefeatable.

The author

Made by: Adi Sijercic

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Dracula by Bram Stoker | Book Review