Special Delivery

September 10 - 16

This week:

Last week was our first week of word study words. There were three nights of homework. Some students misunderstood an assignment or two, but they are straight now. Grades on the test were outstanding!

The Map Project was assigned Thursday, with a letter, project description, and accompanying grading rubric sent home on that day. The project is due this Thursday. We have finished the unit, and a test will be given on Wednesday. A study sheet was sent home Monday. The students need to be able to identify the seven continents and five oceans and to label a compass rose.

Today we began a science unit on the scientific method and will follow that with a unit on matter and the water cycle.

On Monday I sent home a permission slip for your child to go on a field trip to UVA's Fralin Museum of Art and the Rotunda on Friday. Please return it signed by tomorrow (Wednesday).

Academically, we're beginning to find a rhythm and structure to our days, although I am still giving reading assessments. We read in the Wonder Lounge for the first time with our Reading Buddies in Ms. Huneycutt's class.

Monday was Dot Day throughout the school. The children in our class made pictures in the "pointillism" style of using just dots. They did a great job. Today they wrote about their pictures they had made yesterday.


*Sept. 20 - Field trip to art museum/Rotunda

*Sept. 22 - First day of fall

*Sept. 28 - Crozet Library Grand Opening!

*Sept 30 - Teacher work day...NO SCHOOL!