Parent Information

A ministry sourced outline for the inquisitive parent

What are the Ministry documents?

The ministry documents provide outlines for teachers in an individual and grade based format, and allows parents to see what the expectations are for their children.

Who makes these documents?

Education is under provincial control, and these documents and curriculums are created and maintained by the Ministry of Education

How to access these documents?

Key Terms

Key Ideas

Lesson Design

Lesson design is to be molded by overall expectations, fundamental concepts, and specific expectations.

Overall expectations is the conclusion and expectant results from the curriculum.

Fundamental concepts are essentials of basic knowledge.

Specific expectations are pertinent to the overall expectations, and go into detail of specific skills or activities that can be gained. Specific expectations may also be accompanied by examples and teacher prompts for further insight.

How Student learning is assessed and evaluated

"A student’s achievement of the overall expectations is evaluated on the basis of his or her achievement of related specific expectations (including the mathematical process expectations).The overall expectations are broad in nature, and the specific expectations define the particular content or scope of the knowledge and skills referred to in the overall expectations. Teachers will use their professional judgement to determine which specific expectations should be used to evaluate achievement of the overall expectations, and which ones will be covered in instruction and assessment (e.g., through direct observation) but not necessarily evaluated." (The Math Curriculum, pg 19)

Designing Instruction for all learners

Teachers are to ensure that all students have the ability to learn in the classroom. By examining curriculum expectations and the ability of the student, they are to plan programs and may work with special education teachers to design their lesson plans to accommodate all students.

Culturally responsive teachers


Teachers with English as a Second Language or English Literacy Development learners will modify their curriculum to accommodate their learners. They may also work alongside ELS/ELD teachers and/or volunteers.

Environmental Education

Environmental education is to be integrated in the lesson plans by teachers to provide an understanding by the students of the Earth's physical and natural systems, and effect on these systems and their effect upon us.


Anti-discrimination is to promote diversity, and to emphasize value and respect for each person in education. It is to create a safe, harassment free environment for learning.


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