Mary of Plymouth and the Mayflower

By: Tatyana L.

This Is The Mayflower!

The Mayflower the beautiful vessel that travels England to a mystery place it, but along in the middle of no where he/she left, and that ship was called the Speedwell had left with the Mayflower. It left because of a leak that attack the Speedwell! When the strict Puritans had to begin sailing there come The Mayflower Compact... it was a contract that the pilgrims made and later then they found land! Not too soon they figured out there was savages and by savages I mean Native Americans, but they were nice and there was one of N.A. name Squanto and the other was Samoset who helped the first Thanksgiving the pilgrims had they named there land/village Plymouth and back at England there was a village that they named and it was called Plymouth also anyway... they whole village played games and all, but the N.A. got mad because Plymouth had a 3-day Thanksgiving because they waste the food for winter and winter is cold burr! So will they survive next because last winter was bad real bad think about or tried to read the book! Mary of Plymouth by James Otis.

We are Ready and to live here!

We've set sail let start!

Start what? Building our house and to live here, the only use of resources was lumber, timber, wood, forest, or plank to live and build there houses. So they lived there later on in the N.A.were threatening to the Puritans Dun Dun Dunn! At least they survive hurrah!