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Getting Started : Training : Part 3

Customer Care

Now it’s time for Success Guide Chapter 3: Customer Care. Read Chapter 3 as you go through our next training video series!

Sharing Plexus: Reaching Out

Whether you know it or not, we all do “relationship marketing.” We tell other people we know about products and services we like. As friends, we share what’s worked for us. Being a Plexus Ambassador is no different -- it’s all about your relationships! We don’t focus on “sales,” instead we focus on “sharing.”

A-Team Training: Reaching Out

Following Up

One of the most important parts of being an Ambassador, and what sets our products apart from what you can pick up at the store, is that we guide our customers onto the products and help them. Following-up with your customers is SO important!

Follow up

Got new customers? What to do:

1) Add your customers to the A-Team Customers Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/635085043314942/?ref=bookmarks (There's generally only one post a day on this page, so notifications shouldn't drive them crazy -- but you can tell them how to turn them off if they do!) ALSO add them to whatever “trial group” is coming up -- the extra support at starting time doesn’t hurt!!

2) Send your new customer's email address to Angela angelaBplexus@gmail.com to be added to the customer mailing list and get the Angela's Answers newsletter.

3) Make sure your customer has the preliminary instructions they need to begin with their products. (You can send this right away to them, or wait until they receive their package.)

4) Regularly check on the status of your new customer's order -- you'll want to know when they receive it (and to intervene if there's some shipping issue, etc.).

5) Stay in contact with your new customer regularly... Chat every couple of days at first, then a couple of times a week, then once a week. When they're firmly established with their product routine, you might only need to check in with them once a month -- a few days before their auto-ship is supposed to be processed.

6) If they're happy with their products and are on the Triplex (or a group of products over 100PV), talk to them about converting to wholesale! Friends don't let friends pay too much! ;)

Sample Message to New Customers:

Thanks for your order!

These are the instructions I usually give my new Triplex customers: https://www.smore.com/p518h

Read them over the next few days. Start increasing your water intake if you need to... and let me know what questions you have!