Ozian Report 3

Tech Week and Performances

1 Down , 3 to Go!

Our first technical rehearsal went very well today. The Wizard of Oz is a highly technical show with lots of set changes, props, and over 100 costumes. We were able to iron out lots of kinks today and work with our wonderful run crew for the first time.

As we begin our journey through tech week, we want to focus on the students on stage. We need to be able to catch all the small details that have not been ironed out. If any crew member has questions during rehearsal please save them for the end. We always stay at least an hour after rehearsal and we would be happy to meet with you then.

Burrito money for tomorrow

Rachel Quill has generously offered to pick up burritos for everyone at tomorrow’s rehearsal. Please have your child bring $4.50 to rehearsal tomorrow to pay for the burrito. This is our first long tech rehearsal weekday and we want to make sure everyone eats dinner. If you are unable to pay the $4.50, please let us know.

Daytime performance for the School

We will be performing the entire show of Wizard of Oz for the students of Glenview on Thursday afternoon. Cast members need to think of this as a dress rehearsal. Below is the schedule:

12:30pm- Principals arrive in auditorium (5th Graders will need to bring a lunch and eat it in the auditorium at this time)

12:45pm- Mics and sound check/ chorus arrives and dresses

1pm- Principals get into costumes/ chorus warm-up

1:20- Showtime

Call Time for evening shows

Call Time: The time when an actor arrives on the set on the day of a performance.

In order to maintain the 4th wall and allow time for the actors to get into character, parents are not allowed backstage on performance nights.

Friday March 14, 2014- 6pm

Saturday March 15, 2014- 6pm

Bake Sale/ Concession Stand

We need just a few more donations to have a really amazing concession stand to provide great snacks for our 380 audience members during intermission. Please email Heather at flyheather@gmail.com to give her more information on what you will donate.

Seating in the auditorium on performance nights

There is NO reserved seating. You may not put signs, purses, scarves, etc. to save seats. It is first come, first serve. If any objects are left on chairs with the intention of saving seats, they will be removed by the house managers and put on the lost and found table. This is to make it fair for all. We recommend lining up early.

Strike Party/The Wonderful Waffles of Oz

Strike: All sets, costumes, anything associated with the Wizard of Oz is taken from the auditorium. We leave as if the Wizard never happened.

Strike this year is Sunday March 16, 2014 at 10:30-1:30pm.

An email was sent out from Roger Moore regarding the sign up. Please sign up for the potluck if you haven’t already.

Hair/Make –Up

In order to get coverage for the set and costume crews, we had to cut the hair and make-up crew. Therefore, cast members must come to call time with their hair and make-up already done. There may be a few students from Sarah’s classes available for touch-ups.

Reimbursements/ Receipts

Please turn in any remaining receipts to Kerrie Halmi so that you may be reimbursed promptly.

Anything that is reimbursed will belong to the drama department. If you intend on keeping your costume(s), do not turn in receipts.

Friday night is Sold Out!!!

On the very first day of selling tickets to the public, we immediately sold out for Friday night. Wohoo!! Looks like the Wizard of Oz is the hottest ticket in town!